If it is discussed by billions of people, is an obvious source of behavior modification for many, has had countless lives sacrificed to it, and an enormous amount of resources contributed to its existence, it would be illogical to say it doesn’t exist. Its form and/or its function are the only things that can logically be debated.

Here is the simplest way to view god as pure logic.

  • Anything individually examined is “A”
  • “B”s come together in a “C” creates “A”
  • “B”s throughout lifetime; contribute to “A” evolving/dissolving
  • Multiple “A”s creates “D”s
  • “A”s, “C”s, & “D”s are also “B”s
  • The same principle applied consistently across eternal existence, multi-layered and completely intertwined on a continuum of change.

This structure is easily seen everywhere, in everything, and in everybody. I see this “mechanism” (for lack of a better word) as the only thing that could be called “god”, logically and simply.

  • It is eternal; it has no beginning and no end.
  • It is omnipresent; it exists as part of every aspect of existence.
  • It is all-powerful; THE link between cause and effect, creator and destroyer of all things.

This is what is really in control.

god; the eternal mechanism of interaction between particles and processes of change.

No religion or book is the sole word of god. No messiah or man is the sole representative of god. Nor are they or anything else exempt from being a product of god. This definition of god exists and functions whether it is understood, believed, or worshiped in any way. This is god in its bare form without any added “ideas” attached by man.



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