This site is a venue for sharing my perspective that came with finding a definition of god that I could understand and utilize. Offering my opinion about many of the aspects of our existence for others to contemplate, with hopes it becomes a catalyst for thought for someone else in their search for understanding and growth.

A little about me;

  • I come from a family of devout Christians, many of them ministers.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Services.
  • I have a background in crisis intervention and substance abuse counseling.
  • I subscribe to the principles taught by such people as Robert Ingersoll and Thomas Paine; that logic and reason is both our gift and our responsibility to utilize as a means to better our existence both personally and socially.
  • I believe it is only by this definition of a god that any such existence of a god be true.
  • By utilizing this definition of god I am able to put all things into a plausible perspective.
  • I believe that all belief systems have roots in logic and reason in some perspective or another or at least deserved to be reexamined with this in mind.
  • I in no way desire the corruption of someone else’s belief system that works for them. I only seek to share with those still searching for a believable god.